OUR CONVICTIONS - What we believe

We believe that every adverse situation that come upon a person is a temporary.

We believe that we may be do it all but we can play our part in sustaining that they may find themselves in adverse situation. and that a little will go a long way in alleviating.

We believe that all good and perfect gifts comes from above e and the father of all in whom there is no shadow of turning. If it is from above, it is not our own.

We believe that only fools accumulate wealth and not distribute it as he does not know who will spend it - Ps 39:6b - He heaps up wealth, not knowing who will spend it

We believe that because we have first given ourselves to the Lord, we should partner with God of Love and also give of what we have.

We believe that the World is agonisingly waiting for the manifestation of God’s love in practical terms via the children of God and we may as well blaze the trail.

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