• Widows are meant to be honoured. 1 Tim 5:3
  • God instructed that we care for the Widow and the  Orphans with the increase of our produce (or business) and to ensure they are well fed and satisfied resulting in His blessing upon the works of our hands. Deut 14:29/Deut 24:19-21/Deut 26:12-13
  • The Bible commanded we are not meant to send the widow away empty handed and not dash the hopes of an orphan or we are easily ensnared by the traps of men and live in fear all the long. Job 22:9-10.
  • God is passionate about widows and the fatherless (Orphans) and so we should (Deut. 10:18).
  • God considers the Widows and the orphans as part of your family (Deut 16:8)
  • We are expected to defend the cause of widows and orphans because that is what God does. Deut 27:19/Ps 68:5/Isa 1:17/23
  • We are meant to bring Joy to the Widows heart. Job 29:13.
  • Widows are meant to be supported to engage in spiritual activities – 1 Tim 5:5
  • We are meant to take away the stress and shame of widowhood. Isa 54:4
  • We are meant to serve as a point of support and Care for the widow. Ps 146:9 – The Lord protects the foreigners among us..He cares for the orphans and widows, but he frustrates the plans of the wicked.

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