The Liberality Foundation (The Olusola and Folake Omole Foundation)

"Devising Generous Plans"
Causes We Are Passionate about

We are passionate about:

Students Welfare

Students are not meant to study in hardship. They are meant to be nurtured.

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Widows & Widowers

We care about the widows, widowers and orphans in our local communities.

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Children's Healthcare

We understand the need to support children’s healthcare and improve access to NHS for those in need across England.

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Family Empowerment

We support families across England who have found themselves in adverse situations.

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Church Restoration

Our wish is that church buildings in England are not sold off for other uses.

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Youth Empowerment

The challenges facing young people across England are many. They need our support.

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Know who we are and what drives us

The Foundation of generousity is love and not money!

TLF Mission – The mission of TLF is to devise and implement generous plans aimed at alleviating the suffering of humanity. TLF is a charity that is driven by God’s love for humanity and practically expresses the sincerity of this love through a readiness to supply and alleviate the need of humanity using our God-given resources.

Founding Principles

When the love of humankind is perfected in our hearts, giving liberally becomes a delight.

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Our Convictions

Find out about our convictions, beliefs and mentality.

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Core Values

We have core values that guide our initiatives, programmes and ideas.

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Our Trustees

Our Trustees are our valued friends and who have the same earnest care we have.

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– Grant applicants must reside within England during the application process.

– To ensure that funds reach those who are in the greatest need, the Trustees of the Liberality Foundation have chosen to prioritise grant applications received from the following demographics:


-Widows and widowers in need.

-Students aged 16-25 who are enrolled in a full-time undergraduate program or master’s program.

-Grant applicants studying or residing in England

In order to accommodate all applicants, we have made our application form available on our website, as well as on a variety of social media platforms. You may complete it online or download it as a PDF or Word.doc to be printed. We accept printed grant applications by post.

Once you have sent your grant application, you will receive a confirmation that the Liberality Foundation has received the paperwork. The Trustees will then assess your grant application and will notify you in writing about the outcome within 4-6 weeks of receiving your form. Depending on the communication preference you select on your grant application form, you will be notified by post, telephone or email.

Due diligence will be carried out to confirm each applicant’s identity and that their intentions align with The Liberality Foundation’s charitable purposes. Note that you may be requested to attend an interview for the assessment process.

We will not be able to provide a grant to every single applicant. While we seek to help as many people in our communities as we are able, the number of beneficiaries our charity can support is determined by the amount of funds available to our programmes annually.

If you are not approved for a grant, you are welcome to reapply after 12 months from your previous grant application. Applicants who are awarded a grant by the Liberality Foundation must wait a full year after the date of the final grant payment before they may apply once more.

The Liberality Foundation has made a promise to all of our donors and partners that we will be stewards of their contributions by ensuring donations are used properly. As a result, our Trustees may request receipts, bank statements and invoices from you to confirm that the grant is being used accordingly


Our Grant Application Process

The Liberality Foundation works to prevent poverty and relieve financial hardship through our many grant programmes. Individuals in need, select charities and organisations who care about helping the people of England out of poverty are encouraged to send in their grant applications.

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