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TLF'S Founding principles


The foundation of generosity is love and not money. When the love of humankind is perfected in our hearts, giving liberally becomes a delight.

Liberality is the easiest way to show humankind the love of God, and giving is the most practical expression of that love. Love must go beyond mere words.

Liberality is not a function of the overflow of wealth. Rather, it is a function of how much you are willing to give out of however much you have.

Liberality must be according to what we have and not what we don’t have. Giving to others was never designed to be a burden on any person. Instead, it is meant to set you free.

Liberality has to be done equitably. Be balanced in your giving. We are not giving to make an impression; we give because it is impressed on our hearts.

In liberality, a desire to give must be backed up by the readiness to give in order for giving to be practical.

Liberality expresses itself in the abundant grace which is the gift of God–a gift too wonderful to be described in words.

Liberality requires effective administration, openness and transparency. We must be found blameless and remain honourable in the sight of God and men.

Wealth and riches are divinely endowed. Yet if they are not used to bless humanity or are accumulated without distribution, they soon grow wings and fly away.

Liberality is the secret to preservation and longevity. The more we give, the more we live. Considering the poor is the key to a long life.